A group of women sit speaking in the park


Focus on the experiences of people with cancer and those accessing screening and prevention services, to ensure they achieve outcomes that are meaningful to them.

  • Ensure prevention, screening, treatment, care and support services are informed by people’s experiences, and are responsive to their needs and preferences – including ensuring services are culturally safe, responsive and appropriate.
  • Empower people at risk of or affected by cancer, their families and carers to make informed decisions and be full partners in their care.
  • Ensure information and communication is accessible and tailored for each individual, to support informed decision making.
  • Build a system that is easier for people in the community to understand and navigate, and strengthen ways to coordinate care.
  • Ensure cancer services meet all the needs of patients, families and carers, including access to supportive care, such as psychosocial and allied health services and non-clinical supports.
  • Acknowledge the important role of family and community in the care of many cancer patients.
  • Ensure people at risk of or affected by cancer and carers have positive experiences and outcomes that matter to them.