Aboriginal smoking prevention

The Cancer Institute NSW, through programs and awareness campaigns, is working to reduce smoking in Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal people have higher smoking rates, with 37.3% of adults smoking, compared with 14.9% of non-Aboriginal adults.

Lung cancer is almost twice as common in Aboriginal people in NSW than non-Aboriginal people, and mortality rates are also higher.

Aboriginal quit smoking mini series

The Cancer Institute NSW partnered with The National Indigenous Television (NITV) channel to create this video series to encourage Aboriginal people who smoke to quit.

This eight-part mini-series follows Owen Craigie and Timana Tahu, Aboriginal former smokers and professional rugby league players.

They share their own quitting journeys to help encourage others in their community to quit the habit for good.

NSW Aboriginal Quitline

The Aboriginal Quitline is a free, culturally sensitive, confidential and individually tailored service to assist you in the process of quitting smoking.

You can access this service by calling 13 7848 from anywhere in Australia.

Aboriginal Quitline counsellors will provide you with tips on how to quit smoking and help you make a plan.

They can help you manage withdrawals and cravings and give you information about quit medications and products.

They can also call you back to see how you’re doing and offer you support.

For more information – visit iCanQuit.

You can also find more information on our new Koori Quitline facebook page.

The Cancer Institute NSW recently completed an evaluation of the Aboriginal Quitline service. Read the report here.