Referrals to NSW Quitline

All health professionals are encouraged to advise any patient or client who smokes to quit smoking by referring them for support from the NSW Quitline.

Procedure to refer your patient/client to the NSW Quitline

  1. Inform your patient/client about the NSW Quitline and provide them with a NSW Quitline brochure.
  2. Obtain informed consent from your patient/client before making the referral.
  3. Complete the referral form.
  4. Attach the referral form to the patient/client record for follow-up. 

A NSW Quitline advisor will call your patient/client to provide information, support and advice on smoking cessation. 

If a fax number is entered on the referral form, and the patient gives consent, the NSW Quitline provides feedback to health professionals on their patients contact with the service.