Where can I get a Cervical Screening Test?

Find out where you can book your Cervical Screening Test appointment.

You can have a Cervical Screening Test with many different health professionals, including your regular local doctor or nurse.

You do not have to visit a gynaecologist or other specialist, and it will only take a few minutes.

If you do not want to see your regular doctor for cervical screening, there are other places you can go. These include:

  • A community health centre.
  • A women’s health centre.
  • A Family Planning NSW clinic.
  • A sexual health clinic.
  • An Aboriginal Medical Service or Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service.

Choose a place that is convenient and where you feel most comfortable. Some people prefer a female doctor perform their Cervical Screening Test. For others, it is enough to know their male doctor is experienced and sensitive.

Need a cervical screening provider near you?

Find a suitable GP near you: Health Direct's comprehensive search tool.

Find a Women's Health Nurse near you: Australian Women's Health Nurse Association website.

Is cervical screening self-collection right for you?

There are now two options for having a Cervical Screening Test:

  1. You can have a healthcare provider collect your sample.

  2. You can collect your own sample. 

Self-collection is best performed at the clinic so that your doctor or nurse can send your sample immediately to the lab for testing. However, if you prefer, you can ask your doctor or nurse if you can collect your sample at home.

If you are interested in self-collection, talk to your doctor or nurse to find out more about your options.

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