Information about applying for Research Grants

* Please note - further information specific to each grant scheme can be found on the grant scheme pages. 

Grants Management System

Applications are to be submitted via the Cancer Institute NSW’s (the Institute) Grants Management System (GMS). The recommended browser to use is Google Chrome. 

Refer to the GMS user guide for applicants (PDF) for more information on how to submit a grant application.

Administering Institutions

All research grants applications must be endorsed by a registered Administering Institution.

The templates provided below must be used for Translational Program Grant and Fellowship application submissions. Please note the following: 

  • The required fields are in red italics- please enter details as appropriate.
  • Select the relevant option from text in angle brackets <x OR y>
  • The submitted letter must be on the Administering Institution's letterhead
  • Electronic signature is acceptable 
  • The letter must be submitted with the grant application via the GMS in PDF format

Endorsement Letter Template -Translational Program Grant Application
Endorsement Letter Template - Fellowship Application

Applications and Eligibility

1. Is there an exemplar application form available?  

  • We do not provide exemplar applications however, the Assessment Criteria found in the Research Grant guidelines details the areas of focus.
  • The GMS online application can be saved as you progress; it does not have to be completed in one sitting. You can see all questions and word limits once you commence the application. This will help you to assess how much detail is required.

2. Do I need to include career disruptions in my online application? (Research Fellowships only)  

  • If you consider that you have had a career disruption since your PhD was awarded, you may include this on your application. 
  • Please refer to the Cancer Institute NSW Fellowship Career Disruption Guidelines for further information. 
  • Career disruptions must be agreed upon by your Administering Institution, and detailed in the Administering Institution's endorsement letter. 

3. Are grantees allowed to spend any period of time in an overseas institution during their grant?  

  • Grantees must remain employed within NSW for duration for the funding period and all funding must be spent within NSW. 

Outcomes and Notification

1. What happens if my application is successful? 

  • The Cancer Institute NSW will send notification emails to successful applicants and their Administering Institution Contact.
  • The notification email will include information about how to accept or decline the grant.

2. At the time of grant notification, can successful applicants promote their project in the media? 

A successful applicant may not promote their project until the media embargo has been lifted.

3. What happens if my application is unsuccessful? 

  • The Cancer Institute NSW will send notification emails to unsuccessful applicants and their Administering Institution Contact.
  • The Cancer Institute NSW’s Research Grants are competitive. Due to this, the Institute is unable to provide generalised feedback or any additional information beyond what is stated in the notification email.


All communications regarding grant applications, awarding, agreements, variations, and reporting are to be directed to the Grants Team through the registered Administering Institution. This will facilitate the timely and efficient receipt, assessment, awarding and management of grants.

If you require assistance and are unable to satisfy your concern by seeking assistance through your administering institution, contact The Grants Team at

Competitive Grants Agreement

The awarding of all grants are subject to the terms and conditions as set out in the Competitive grant agreement to be executed between the Cancer Institute NSW and the Administering Institution. Clauses in this Agreement cannot be amended.