PRMs strategy

The strategy outlines how the Institute will support NSW cancer centres to use an electronic PRMs system, and it highlights our focus areas for the future. It outlines our priority to establish a statewide standard for collecting PRMs data in a consultative and cohesive manner.

This strategy will be periodically reviewed to ensure it continues to align with achieving improved patient outcomes and experiences.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to put people with cancer at the centre of their care.

Our mission is to provide an electronic system for people with cancer across NSW to provide timely feedback on their health care experiences and outcomes, enabling cancer services to engage in continuous quality improvement at an individual, service and system level.

Guiding principles

Delivery of the Cancer Institute NSW’s PRMs Program will be underpinned by the following guiding principles to ensure the Program effectively meets its objectives.



The PRMs Program places the patient at the centre of their care by identifying what matters most to them, and by integrating this information into treatment decisions so that care is targeted to their needs. Patients have an active voice in clinical decision-making and have ownership of how their care affects their experience and health outcomes.



Referral pathways and decision thresholds are determined by a Clinical Reference Group to ensure that all clinical decision-making involving PRMs data is grounded in clinical expertise and best practice. In turn, PRMs data is used by clinicians to make informed clinical decisions and to inform research contributions to the wider evidence base for continued excellence in cancer control.


Continual improvement

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the data collected will drive continual improvement of the PRMs Program and ensure that data measures and indicators used are relevant and appropriate to the needs of patients and clinicians. In turn, PRMs data will support a culture of improvement in clinical decision-making by promoting more proactive care by clinicians, and in system-wide reforms by encouraging data sharing between cancer centres and the Institute.


Integrated care

The PRMs Program will provide a more holistic representation of patient care needs by collecting information on patient perspectives of their experiences and outcomes. Health care practitioners and patients are better supported to undertake shared decision-making while improvements in information sharing between practitioners ensure that care is easily coordinated across different care settings and providers.


Better value care

Clinicians are supported to more effectively triage patients and proactively address symptoms. Patients are empowered to undertake better self-care, resulting in improved utilisation of limited health resources and avoided hospital and emergency department admissions. Systematic collection of PRMs data will also inform system-wide reform that will deliver better value to the NSW health system.



The PRMs system has be designed alongside people who are working at the frontline. This includes, patients, clinicians, researchers, system administrators and information managers.


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