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Find out how to apply for financial support to conduct cancer clinical trials in NSW.

Our clinical trials program support the rapid translation of new and innovative therapies into practice for the benefit of people with cancer.

Learn how to access & take part in a cancer clinical trial in NSW, including what to ask your doctor & where current trials are running.

Clinical trials in NSW test innovative new treatments and interventions. They are essential for the development of new and improved treatment options for cancer patients.

Our Clinical Trials Portal is a system that captures, monitors and reports on clinical trial data across NSW. Learn more about the importance of collecting clinical trial data and how to register your trial.

The Institute supports clinical trials by providing the funding for resources, infrastructure and personnel within trial units and research institutions across NSW.

Clinical trials go through four phases or stages, each designed to answer a separate research question and improve the prospective treatment.

All of the clinical trials funded by the Institute must include performance indicators which measure how well a trial has performed. Find out more about the requirements for indicators.

Language barriers are preventing people in south western Sydney from taking part in potentially life-changing cancer clinical trials, a new study suggests.

A new Sydney conference is focusing on improving collaboration across phase one clinical trials in Australia, with the aim of creating more new treatments for people with cancer.