Best Intentions


Who produced this campaign?

Cancer Institute NSW

Campaign description

The Best Intentions campaign was developed by the Cancer Institute NSW in 2008 based on consultation with cancer care experts and patient case studies.

It was informed by research with smokers who revealed the specific milestones in their life they said they would quit smoking eg. New Years and birthdays. There was a sense of regret at missing these key milestones.

In addition to the regret of not quitting, the campaign demonstrates the reduced quality of life for the smoker and other members of the family. It emphasises the difficulty of not being able to do the simple things after being diagnosed and treated for cancer, such as mowing the lawn.

The campaign encourages smokers to act now: Face it, there's never going to be a perfect time to quit. You have to beat your habit once and for all … now.

Quit smoking support is available through the and the NSW Quitline (13 7848).

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