Data governance

Effective data governance ensures the Cancer Institute NSW’s data assets are valued, protected and used to support our work in cancer control.

Implementing and maintaining a robust data governance policy and process is crucial for the Institute to ensure: 

  • strategic alignment of the Institute’s data assets to the NSW Cancer Plan
  • compliance with relevant legislation, policies, procedures and standards
  • confidence in the data used to inform decisions
  • effective assurance and control of data management processes
  • formalised roles and responsibilities
  • protection of the data through documented policies and procedures, and ongoing communication, education and monitoring.

The Institute's data governance arrangements are set out in our Data Governance Policy (PDF).

The governance structure for the Institute's Data Governance Program

Executive control of the program: Data governance committee

Execution of the program: Data governance program group

Operation of the program:

  • Privacy, security and right to information working group
  • Other working groups (as required)
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