How we work

The Cancer Institute NSW is a pillar of NSW Health and deemed to be an important source of expertise for the health system in NSW.

The Institute works with the NSW Health system to ensure everyone in NSW has access to the best cancer diagnosis, treatment and care possible.

The organisational chart below shows how we integrate into the NSW Ministry of Health framework.

NSW Ministry of Health Framework

The Cancer Institute NSW has 4 divisions that work together to effectively achieve our organisational outcomes:

  • Executive Corporate Services
  • Cancer Screening and Prevention
  • Strategic Research Investment
  • Cancer Services and Information

Divisional structure of the Cancer Institute NSW

Cancer Institute NSW services

We work as one cross-functional team of people with different but complementary skills and abilities, committed to a common purpose.

We provide social marketing awareness and prevention campaigns that drive and support behavioural changes that support the community along with screening and early detection services and online resources that provide health professionals with current, evidence based, peer reviewed and best practice cancer treatment protocols and information to further support best practice and achieve improved cancer outcomes.

It’s important to understand how the corporate brand and activation brands are connected.