Our values

Our culture is important to us.

Our CORE+4 Values have been co-designed with employees to build on a positive workplace culture.

At the Cancer Institute NSW, we are committed to the following CORE+4 Values.

These values are at the heart of our people and organisational strategy and define what is important to the Cancer Institute NSW and provide a foundation to how we work and behave.



We share ideas and resources to achieve common goals. Our environment is safe and inclusive.


We engage all people with transparency, flexibility, honesty and integrity.


We listen and support each other without bias. We appreciate differences in opinion, background and perspective.


We make decisions with confidence in a supportive environment. We have the courage to take action.


We understand how organisational, divisional and individual priorities enable us to deliver on the NSW Cancer Plan.


We recognise one another's contribution, share the load and create the right environment to deliver great outcomes.


We look outwards to find, try and learn new ideas, practices and ways of working.


We adapt to changing priorities. We're flexible in how we work to achieve outcomes.


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