World Cancer Day

This World Cancer Day 2021, on 4 February, we are saying “I Am And I Will” to encourage people to make a commitment to help end cancers as we know them.

World Cancer Day

When it comes to creating a healthier and brighter future without cancer, together all our actions matter.

The theme of this year's World Cancer Day is 'I Am and I Will'. It is a reminder of the collective power we each hold when we make the personal commitment and take the individual action now to end cancer in the future.

In 2021, we are taking World Cancer Day as an opportunity to focus on getting people the right information about cancer. Knowing the facts on cancer is vital to lessening the impact of cancer in our lives.

That includes people with cancer, carers and loved ones of people with cancer, and anybody who could be impacted by cancer – which is all of us.


Get the facts on cancer

Learning about cancer can be daunting – whether you need information for yourself, or you want to support a loved one.

The majority of adults in NSW do not feel they have a good understanding of how to find cancer early, identify cancer risk factors, or find information on cancer treatments and survival rates. This World Cancer Day we want to help change that.

We are encouraging everyone to make sure they are getting the right information – and making the pledge to take positive action.


Start taking action today

Making healthy living changes can reduce your risk of one in three cancers. Here are some actions you can take to help prevent cancer in your future:

As you grow older, there are resources such as cancer screening programs that can help  find cancer early and get the best outcomes.


Visit our Patient Information online portal

This World Cancer Day, we are encouraging people impacted by a cancer diagnosis to ensure they have all the information they need.

In 2021 a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. In fact in NSW today, cancer survival is now higher than ever while mortality rates continue to fall.

But many people might be unaware of the treatments and care that exist, or even how to navigate the health system together with the many services and supports that exist.

The Patient Information online portal is a new resource for people affected by cancer, whether as patients, carers, colleagues, family or friends, to:

  • Find the right information about cancer
  • Understand information about cancer
  • Relate to information about cancer

Quickly find information about cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, cancer support and services, and more – all relevant to a specific cancer type.

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