Licensing campaigns

Cancer Institute NSW campaigns have been used by governments and other organisations around Australia and internationally.

Our campaign materials are copyright protected. Any use or reproduction of materials, therefore, requires a formal licensing request.

Please take note that:

  • While the Cancer Institute NSW will typically not charge a fee to licensing campaigns used for public health purposes, our campaigns frequently feature actors, music and/or other talent. If used for public broadcast, use of the campaign materials is likely to be subject to talent, licensee, dispatch and/or other fees payable to third party advertising agencies.
  • Use of creative materials will also be subject to the completion of a standard licensing agreement between your organisation and the Cancer Institute NSW.
  • The licensing process can take up to six weeks to complete. Please allow sufficient time prior to your planned campaign to complete all the steps.

If you would like to use a Cancer Institute NSW campaign for public broadcast, education, research or any other purpose, please send a completed Licensing Request Form (Word Doc) to other campaign enquiries should also be directed to this address.

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