Grant reporting

As a condition of funding, all grant recipients are to report progress and outcomes, and to provide financial reports.

These reports enable the Cancer Institute NSW (the Institute) to evaluate its funding programs, including assessing whether satisfactory progress has been achieved for each grant and to ensure funding is directed towards those areas of greatest need.

In accordance with the Institute’s Competitive Grants Agreement, reports must be submitted to the Institute at the following intervals:

  • Progress Reports are due annually by no later than 31 July
  • Financial Acquittals are due annually by no later than 15 August
  • A Final Report and Final Financial Report is required within three months of the funding end date

Fellowship Report Submission

Progress reports for Early Career Fellowships and Career Development Fellowships can be submitted through the Grants Management System (GMS). Information about how to submit a progress report is found in the GMS user guide (section 12). 

Please submit final reports for Fellowships to using the template below. Previous reporting templates will not be accepted. 

Translational Program Grants Report Submission

Please submit progress and final reports for Translational Program Grants to using the templates below. Previous reporting templates will not be accepted. 

Travel Grant Report Submission

Please submit a conference report for Travel Grants to using the template below. Reports are due within 3 months of the conference attendance.

Acknowledgement of Funding

It is a requirement that the Cancer Institute NSW is acknowledged in any public statements about a grant it is contributing to (e.g. research reports, presentations, publications, websites). Please refer to Communicating Cancer Institute Funding and Guidance to funding acknowledgement for further information and instructions.